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It's my first post here and I'm newbie with Elgg. Well, I installed the Form plugin in a localhost to test it, but I'm having problems when I try to create the form, in fact it is created but when I try to add a field or change the configuration the result is a blank page. The Elgg version installed is 1.7 and Form plugin 0.8.5


  • I forgot... before installing the plugin form, I edited the function discussed above, thus the entities_subtypes tables for form are empty.

  • Hi Alcor,

    Unless you can find a relevant reference to the problem in your error log, I have no information to work with.

    As I said, this works just fine for me.

    Blank pages reveal a PHP problem and it is strange that there is nothing in your error log.

  • There aren't errors with reference to my_forms.php, only with manage_form.php, as indicated above.

  • Trying one more option.

    Do you have comments or recommendations turned on for the form you have created?

  • Comments and recommendations are turned off.

  • Hi Alcor,

    Then without any new information from your error log, I am out of ideas.

    Not only does this work for me but I looked through the my_forms code and could see nothing that could cause a blank page (eg. dependencies on other plugins etc.)

    You could put prints in the my_forms code to get an idea of how far it gets before it crashes. That at least would provide more information.

  • Thanks Kevin for all your help.

    If I understood good, I have to put some code to tell me where the error can be, right?  What code can I add, maybe an echo? I don't know...

  • yes, you can add lines like

    print "I am here";

    before and after every section in


    to see how far it goes.

    I use "print" for debugging statements to avoid confusing them with regular Elgg "echo" statements.

    That way it is easier to find them and remove them later.

  • I've added your suggestion and I have been changing line by line until the message disappeared.

    The print is not showed after the line:

    $nav = elgg_view('form/nav',array('form_id'=>$form_id,'form_view'=>$form_view,'enable_recommendations'=>$form->allow_recommendations));

    Does this help you?

  • Can you put

    print "Form id is $form_id";

    above that statement and prints in


    as well?

    I see nothing in there but a switch and some echo statements, but at least it would be useful to see where it dies in there.

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Form and related plugins

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