Problems after i cocked up 16 to 1.7 upgrade

ok so firstly

i  ugraded to 1.7 ,all user images are gone and my home page is all screwed up showing this message



Unknown column 'annotation_id' in 'field list'

QUERY: select id,type,subtype,action_type,access_id,view,subject_guid,object_guid,annotation_id,posted from el_river where ( (1 = 1) ) order by posted desc limit 0,21


You kind helpful people here pointed out i haddnt run the upgrade script and that was the problem my database haddnt upgraded {thanks again}

i decided to give up and try to upgrade later when i had more time, ie not 3am when i had to be in work in 4 hours lol

so i restored the files and database from a 2 days old back up i had

Since then my admin accounts stoped working correctly {only random parts of pages showing up} and alot of other wierd stuff has happend images not showing up in the blog, izapvideos displaying differntly etc etc,

iv checked ht access and engine/settings.php but i cant see anything clear{to a novice like me} thats wrong,

anyone got any ideas whats happened and what i can do to get it back?

thanks in advance