How to change or delete powered by Elgg

Guz how do i delete powered by elgg on the bottom of the site? And on the topbar leftside there's an Elgg logo, how di i change that and how do i put another image and link it to another site?

  • you can change /views/default/views/page_elements/

    File footer.php

    linked logo File elgg_topbar.php line 25

    you don't edit core file you can use theme_elgg_example  for edit new theme

  • @BuBu I know this is almost 2 years old but thanks anyway, it's exactly what I was looking for.

  • Just one thing to add If you take that out then will loose a Backlink from each site admin that does this. Now I myself searched and found out how to change that also and honestly there could be a better way to Display this Powered By Link. Wordpress sure has it and let me tell you... Statusnet they will not even give a second out to HELP anyone there so I was stuck with their Links all over the DAMN Place when I first used it about 2 yrs ago.

    Now I have given a lot of credit to ELGG on Twitter many many times that goes far and beyond what even a LINK BACK could do and even to where I used to work at and a few other companies.

    So I changed the link because it just looks better and really now makes the site look even more customized and valuable then it did before.

    I can still put a Link Back to ELGG and no matter what inside the code there will always be a link back somewhere to them.

  • @calm you have to run upgrade.php in order to update the site's cache files. run it by

  • @calm what I did was to open footer.php and then I  Erased the content inside that file. May be try on a test install and before trying it on your live site. It is odd that the other solution is not working...


    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Did you clear your web browser history/cache?

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Juipo

    Post your url so we can look.

    If using a theme, edit footer.php in *your-theme/views/default/views/page_elements/

    without theme  edit footer.php in *your-elgg-installation/views/default/views/page_elements/

    or edit both.  restart your PC to clear cache and it should change ;-)

  • No no, don't delete files. 

    I forgot to ask, are you using a custom theme? Is your site live or localhost?

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • "i even deleted the file "footer" ?? Why did you do this ? dont do that

    I believe you might be using a custom theme and some themes have their own footer.php files, so try changing it run upgrade.php clear cache and you should be good :)

    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)

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