problem with user icons after 1.7 upgrade

After upgrading from 1.5 to 1.7 , and solving all ( non-upgraded ) plugis problems , i am still stuck with 1 problem, after you loged in , all members with icons turned to just 1 icon , which is your icon and profile picture with the account you logged in with, if you sign out , icons return back for each user with his own icon, logging with any account give you the same icon of this account for all users with icons, visitin any profile when you logged in als show your profile pictue as well, can anyone help me with this problem ??

  • fine ... what can you do to solve this kind of problem if you have no backup ?? :((

    my problems show in three methods :

    1- the user picture problem ( you logged out show correct , you logged in all users pictures turned to yours )

    2- closing simlecache breake the theme , its like the system cannt see the theme paths except throw the cache.

    3- you cant edit wedgets any where, in profiles , main pages ...etc . ( disabled Profile Manager pluging as well ) . no way to edit it even with just the core plugins.


    i think i gonna have a hard time myself solving this in a production site after my stupid move by upgarding to 1.7 without trying it on a test site or even backup my data, but i'll try to figure it out myself. any ideas will be appreciated

    it will be nice to know what cause that to happen.

  • alysami - These problems are unlikely to be caused by an upgrade to 1.7. Did you move your site at the same time?

  • hello, ok so after my post above, i decided to give up and try to upgrade later when i had more time, ie not 3am when i had to be in work in 4 hours lol

    so i restored the files and database from a 2 days old back up i had

    Since then my admin accounts stoped working and alot of other wierd stuff has happend,

    iv checked ht access and engine/settings.php but i cant see anything clear thats wrong,

    anyone got any ideas whats happened and what i can do to get it back?

    thanks in advance


  • @nic - I don't think your problems are the same as alysami. Better to start a new thread. You need to document what you did and what error messages you are getting.

  • @kevin

    no .. but i did delete the cache files after upgrade , and another foolish thing i did that i change in some database entries to transfer some fields from ( forms & related ) plugin to profile manager without losing users information, could any of those cause the case.

  • ah sorry will do , i just posted here cause my first post about the problem was in this thread, but i changed my user name since then, was stoners united before{twitterconnect}

  • 1- the user picture problem ( you logged out show correct , you logged in all users pictures turned to yours )

    Weird, I also get this problem in 1.7 fresh install. Disable simplecache doesnt help.

  • I have posted the same problem with the user icons being the same when logged in, i'm glad that i'm not alone on this, what can be done?

  • people having the profile icon issue, please open a bug report at

    describe the problem and please upload the file you get when you run diagnostics in the admin section of Elgg

  • @Cash Done opened a bug report at elgg trac.