To the assumed tasks and the real usage of this group

I have to cite description of group

Help bridge the gap between Elgg developers and users

and to say, that I see this group not as a "one more clone of user-support location", but mostly as place there we can solve communication, collaboration, organisation etc. issues, which happens from time to time. But in any case - it is not a technical or programming stream.

And that I see now in topic list? Approx. 50/50 technical (i.e offtopic) and structural (ontopic) discussions. Maybe following group's policies globally on community site will be good community action, isn't it?

  • Alexander - I agree and asked that all the off-topic posts be deleted a few weeks ago.

  • For me deleting is stronger than needed solution. I'll be happy to have "Move to another group" feature... Better as GA plugin or modified groups mod, but as closed and used only here is acceptable also

  • Since bridging the gap is the implied goal of this group, how about the developers getting a little more involved in the support of this script? I have asked questions in tech support that should be easy for the developers to answer, but have not seen any responses. I notice that other members have asked questions, which in their minds were no doubt critical to them at the time, over a year ago and the original question is still out there waiting for someone to respond. I understand that in an open source environment everyone is expected to participate, but a question being unanswered for more than one year is unacceptable.

    Don't the developers monitor these groups to gauge the feeling of the membership? I'm a new member and user of this script and now, apparently due to the fact that my name appears in some of the groups, I am getting emails asking for help when I am barely able to struggle through on my own.

    This is a good script, well designed and organized, but more help from the developer side is needed.

  • sunwest, if you take a look at the dashboard river you will see that several developers are very active answering questions.

    When I look at the last few questions you have asked, it appears that they relate to plugins that have not been updated in many months.

    If your questions remain unanswered, it may be that either they have already been answered several times already (try googling for them) or that these plugins have been abandoned and you should be using something more current.

  • @sunwest, if there are bugs in the walledgarden plugin that was available for download on the site, you should report them to the bug tracker:

    That site is only for the Elgg core, plugins distributed with Elgg, and a few other plugins written by Curverider ( like walledgarden. Problems with other plugins should be reported to the developers that made them.

    As an aside, it doesn't look like the walledgarden plugin is available anymore for download. I'll check into that.

  • @Kevin Jardine, I understand that many of the plugin developers are active. And I appreciate their activities. Most of my comment was meant for those dozens of questions by others that have gone unanswered for a year or more. Thanks for responding and understanding.

    @Cash, I can't find any walledgarden plugin that is available anywhere other than within the siteaccess plugin, so your comment that it is no longer available for download is apparently correct. Since I didn't get the walledgarden plugin from your site, I guess there is no use in reporting a bug. Thanks for responding!

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