Hi fellow elggers;


Would like to know if its possible to adjust the way the notifications system operates in elgg. I basically don't want NEW USERS to have their notifications and group notifications be set to EMAIL from the get go. Would prefer they got site notifications instead - via msgs. If anyone can point me in the right direction it'd be super duper.



  • This is hard coded as

    set_user_notification_setting($user->getGUID(), 'email', true);

    in register_user() (see engine/lib/users.php).

  • How does elgg handles notifications? Aside from the confirmation email after registering, when do elgg sends notification emails if i enable the notification module? Do i have to deal only with the notifications module for this? pls enlighten me. :(

  • hmm.. sounds somewhat similar to what a couple of my clients have asked for. first requirement is that new users should have have their emails address access set to private by default and the later that user can choose who they will allow the email addresses to be seen by - this I will be testing on their live site (lolz) soon (in display-mode only at first). second is to set *all notifications for a given user to be set to *off so that they do not get *any notifications at all (special case here) - this I have been testing on my pc xampp test site (in display-mode). if one wants to invest in some quality elgg research time.. should be able to locate the code that handles the relationships table tuples which relate to personal, collections and group notifications settings.

  • Firstly, thank you for taking the time to respond. :) I'm less than 1 month old by elgg years.

    Secondly, i received zero notification that any of you had responded. My settings -> notifications is set to 'site' not email. But i received neither. :(

    @ Dhrup - Personally, i think the way facebook handles email privacy is good. You can see them, but you can't do anything with them. Not even copy 'n paste. But with Elgg, perhaps default invisible email is smart. ?

    On my site notifications are fine and all inclusive for the needs I have thus far.

    For consideration though:
    When I'm not elgging, studying uni, or yelling aimlessly into dark spaces, I work for a major musical instrument company in marketing. Despite the major brand, and legitimacy of our 'subscribed-to' email activities we have countless and constant issues with being blacklisted as spam (or spammers). I would happily NOT even have the functionality/option where users can be notified by email. All the more reason to login regularly and get all the latest notifications then! :)

    @ kevin: excuse ignorance - does your hard coded comment suggest this can't be changed via plugin?