BookMark Issue

1. Click 'Tools' tab and then select 'Bookmarks' .
2. Click [Yourname] Bookmarked items menu from left pane menu list.
3. Now check the tab name displayed.
4. Is seen displayed as "Sitename: %s's bookmarked items".

  • What version of Elgg are you using? Is this a fresh install? Did you recently upgrade? Did your recently install any new plugins?

    The problem is obviously that the variable names are being used as the output instead of the data that should be filling those variables. However, it's hard to offer a fix or even a starting point without knowing your installation and recent software changes info.


  • I am using elgg 1.6.1 yes its fresh install and did not do any upgrade.  If you want then i will provide you information to connect..

    Let me know please!!

  • Hmm, I was able to sort of replicate a similar issue. With Bookmarks in 1.6.1, I have "Casey's bookmarked items" as the section/tab title, but "%s's bookmarked items" as the page title!

    For your issue, the "sitename" is odd and a pointer of where to look. Hey you more experienced folks! Any input or advice of where to look given that clue?

    As for my issue, I am skeptical for a resolution. Even this site (Elgg Community) has the same issue that I do! Anyone have any information about that bug?