New plugin release not appearing in newest

Hello Brett/Dave,

I just updated to version 2.5 of Site Access, for Elgg 1.7, but noticed that it doesn't appear in the newest plugins area. Is this intended? I would rather see all plugin updates listed in the newest section so that i can update all my plugins as new releases come out.

With Love,
Uddhava dāsa

  • Makes sense to me as well. I would like to see the latest updates, not just entirely new plugins.

  • I would also like to see the newest and more recently updated.  Perhaps by listing the most recently updated instead of just newest, it will cover both since technically, the newest plugins would have been recently updated.  It is also likely that even if a plugin is "old" that a new version will may have new features.

    Would it be too busy if the site has another row?  I think having a section with ranked "most recent downloads"  (perhaps within the last 7 days), will also be useful.  I would trade that with "most downloads" as that may be a more useful column.

  • I would like to see the latest updates too. :)

  • I also think that including updated plugins (that is, new releases, not just updated text) as well as entirely new plugins in the same column makes sense.

    I think that a seven day window is too small for recent downloads as that would be largely the same as new uploads.  Perhaps something in the last year? Or perhaps a filter box for "last year, last month and last week" if that is not asking too much?

  • Agreed - I used to have an rss feed setup on my iGoogle homepage that would always show me the latest plugins (both new and updated ones) which was invaluable.

    Be good to get that back...

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