River Dashboard with blank short snippet showing only "..."

Hare Kṛṣṇa,

Please help, need to fix a problem with 1.7 version, sometimes user discussions are not showing up in the river dashboard as a summary text:

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5 hours ago
Any hints how to fix this?
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Uddhava dāsa
  • I cannot seem to reproduce the issue. You mention "sometimes". How often does it happen? Is it happening every other time or say one out of ten posts? Taking a look over those river posts, are there any areas where it never shows up (i.e. blog posts always display properly) or any areas where it shows up more often (i.e. wire posts seem to be the most common "blank" river feed)?

    To the devs, are there any major or small but significant changes to how the river gets its feeds in Elgg 1.7? Or should it, in theory, work just as it did in 1.6.x?