email function not working

Hi All

Have been getting frustrated as my php email function on my server is working and I can't use registration verification or lost password retrieval or invite friends.

When any of the above functions are completed a message appears stating that the email has been sent. No emails are getting to anyone even the admin when I have tested.

Added the following:

PHPmailerVersion: 0.97
Author: Cash Costello
Copyright: Cash Costello 2008-2009
Licence: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3
This did not help in either php or SMTP mode.
Can anyone please help?
  • Bob,

    Posting the same issue in multiple groups is not going to get it more attention.

    You already started this discussion over here:

    As I said before, you need to look at your server configuration as in 99% of the cases, that is the source of email problems.

  • good day,

    i am using xampp to run my elgg and i dont know what to configure to be able to send email confirmations after the registration process. can anyone help me?  :(



  • Hi Delsky,

    I also use xampp for my development machine. Are you running on Windows? Windows normally does not deliver email. The first admin account does not need confirmation. If you need to create further test accounts, you can do that through the user management area under administration. These admin-created accounts don't need confirmation either.

    If you need to see the messages Elgg is sending, you can activate Mercury Mail which comes with the Windows version of xampp and then look at the outgoing mail queue.

    Hope that helps.

  • @delsky

    That was a problem for me as well. I'm using xampp on a WinXP machine.

    Check your xampp/php/php.ini file and configure the following settings:


    smtp_port (usually 25)


    It would also help to get the uservalidation plugin, though I think it has problems with Elgg 1.7 right now.

  • Thanks all

    I am using 1.6.1 and am going to contact the hosting service yet again and deal with them and hoepefully speak to some one who knows what they are talking about on their side.

  • @kevin

    Thank you for the reply kevin. I had tried Mercury Mail but it didn't work for me, maybe i did not configured it well but I already had my solution for my problem.. I figured out that to be able to send emails I need to have and smtp server and I got one that is free (gmail smtp server). Like Altealice said i change the configuration in the php.ini and used the phpmailer plugin and it works! :D



    Thank you. :) but I used the phpmailer plugin, it works fine in elgg 1.6.1 and yes  I change the configuration in my php.ini.