Korean characters broken after update 1.7

After update 1.7, contents written in Korean letters before are all broken. How can I solve this problem?

  • Sam, do you know what encoding your database was using under Elgg 1.6.1? What encoding is it using under Elgg 1.7?

    Has that changed?

    It seems to me that your database text under Elgg 1.6.1 must have been encoded in something other than UTF-8 and that somehow the upgrade process is not converting whatever that encoding was into UTF-8.

  • If you converted your database to utf8 before the upgrade, the upgrade will corrupt your database. The upgrade assumes the strings are latin1 encoded (which is what they would be on a non-modified install). Brett included instructions for upgrading an install that was already encoded to utf8 on the ticket that I linked to.

  • For everyone having this problem, could you please download the attached 'utf8_test.php' file from the ticket listed above, place it in your Elgg root, run it from a web browser, and copy the output to the ticket? This is a simple file that outputs information about your default PHP settings that I hope can be used to conditionally run this upgrade.

  • I have same problem with 'Sam' for 1.6.1->1.7 upgrading, my 'utf8_test.php' result is listed to the ticket. http://trac.elgg.org/ticket/1928

    i tested with my test site. 

    the process is this 

    1. backup the test site's code, data, db

    2. overwrite elgg 1.7 file to the 1.6.1

    3. test the site -> it looks good. no problem. nothing happend. :)

    4. 'upgrade.php' execution

    5. all korean language is broken.. looks like "??????? ???"

    6. recover all backup file

    7. i feel some distress. :(

  • Commit 5565 includes a fix for this problem, but it needs to be tested on less predictable servers than mine.  If your utf8 characters were corrupted and you are comfortable and able to run SVN code, please help test this new upgrade.  Thanks...

  • It works! the korean character looks good after upgrade elgg ver 1.7 by fixed version

    thank you very much Brett. :)