Event calendar 0.82 released

This version adds Elgg 1.7 support, fixes a few bugs, and adds a couple of features.

From the CHANGES.txt:


Fixed a bug in displaying dates when the start and end date were the same.

Fixed the form redisplay bug described here:

Removed an error_log message that was accidentally left in.

Added a missing content wrapper to the delete confirm form.

Added RSS feeds.

Added the ability to filter events by regions if the region option is turned on.

Added security tokens for Elgg 1.7

  • HI Kevin,

    very nice, but two questions. I want to change the language and I have already created a language-file, which works fine, but I wnat to change it in the headline ("Event calender" (March 2010))" as well. I suppose it is somewhere in the js files? Another point a little bit confusing I have a test version running and when I want to add a new event in "Start date" the calender automatically appears, but in the officale version nothing happens and I have exactly the same settings and files.  Any idea here?


  • What do you mean by "officale version"?

    Any text like "Event calendar" will be in the language files - there is no embedded text.

    If you want to change the datepicker language strings, you will need to read the jQuery documentation for that.

  • Sorry for not being clear. On my localhost everything is working fine, in the WWW-version the calender does not appear.

  • Sounds like a server issue. Sorry, I can't help you there.

    You might try checking your live site with something like Firebug to look for JavaScript errors.