What happened to the OPENID plugin?

I saw it got deleted in trac somewhere.


  • It is no longer supported by Curverider.

    It is supported by me, however (I am the original author).

    I've upgraded it to Elgg 1.7 and expect to upload it to the plugin repository later today.

  • Ah excellent, if you like i'd be willing to testdrive it.

  • The upgrade of the OpenID client plugin to Elgg 1.7 was funded by a client.

    The OpenID server plugin was written even before Elgg 1.0 was released and needs some work.

    If someone wants to fund the server plugin development, I can put together a quote.

  • I have uploaded the OpenID client here:


    Normally I create a group for discussing plugins I release, but the option to create groups appears to have been disabled recently.

    Warning: this code works for me. It may not work for you. Getting OpenID to work consistently with a wide range of OpenID providers can get complex.

  • If someone wants to fund the server plugin development

    You can count me...

  • Tx, Kevin!

    I'll try and give you feedback.
    The least i can do is a Dutch translation (if it works).

  • There is a small CSS issue - entering the OpenID in the input box happens on top of the OpenID logo. Ideally it should happen to the right of the logo. If anyone has a fix I would be happy to include it in the next release.

  • Hi Kevin, finally found the time to get this going!

    I had to update the openid php library to the latest stable 2.1.3 version and then it worked!

    Would be nice to have this in your version!

  • Is this plugin still working?


    The plugin is giving me: 


           Unable to save new object's base entity information!

    when I try to log in with Verisign, and 

         OpenID authentication failed: https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id is not a valid OpenID URL.

    when I try to log in using Google as the OpenID provider.


    This was on a clean install of elgg 1.7.6.   The error I'm getting is:

    *** FATAL EXCEPTION *** : exception 'IOException' with message 'Unable to save new object's base entity information!' in /var/www/elgg/e\
        Stack trace:
        #0 /var/www/elgg/engine/lib/objects.php(121): ElggEntity->save()
        #1 /var/www/elgg/mod/openid_client/models/model.php(106): ElggObject->save()
        #2 /var/www/elgg/mod/openid_client/models/Auth/OpenID/Consumer.php(1443): OpenID_ElggStore->storeAssociation('http://pip.veri...', Object(Auth_OpenID_Associat\
        #3 /var/www/elgg/mod/openid_client/models/Auth/OpenID/Consumer.php(624): Auth_OpenID_GenericConsumer->_getAssociation(Object(Auth_OpenID_ServiceEndpoint))
        #4 /var/www/elgg/mod/openid_client/models/Auth/OpenID/Consumer.php(375): Auth_OpenID_GenericConsumer->begin(Object(Auth_OpenID_ServiceEndpoint))
        #5 /var/www/elgg/mod/openid_client/models/Auth/OpenID/Consumer.php(352): Auth_OpenID_Consumer->beginWithoutDiscovery(Object(Auth_OpenID_ServiceEndpoint), fals\
        #6 /var/www/elgg/mod/openid_client/models/model.php(529): Auth_OpenID_Consumer->begin('http://ramayer....')
        #7 /var/www/elgg/mod/openid_client/models/model.php(659): openid_client_authenticate_user_login('http://ramayer....')
        #8 /var/www/elgg/mod/openid_client/actions/login.php(4): openid_client_handle_login()
        #9 /var/www/elgg/engine/lib/actions.php(65): include('/var/www/elgg/m...')
        #10 /var/www/elgg/engine/handlers/action_handler.php(16): action('openid_client/l...')
        #11 {main}, referer: http://sn.leapportal.us/elgg/