Elgg 1.7 is out!

Just in case you haven't noticed!

Promised 1.7 Release. Where? When? Who? It's no lie!

  • So.... when I finally am almost finished with my 1.6.1 community... you guys release 1.7 ...

    Thats just.... great lol


    Anyway, I will just upgrade it, and see what happens and keep on working on my community a bit longer till everything works ;-)


    Great job on Elgg sofar guys, keep up the good work!!!


  • So far, so good.  I'm http://lionsclubs.me is now running elgg 1.7 with the following added plugins from the community site: Themer 0.5, Tidypics 1.6.5, Tidypics gallery lightbox 1.0, iZap videos 3.55b and a few custom plugins originally written for elgg 1.6.1.

  • Juipo


    If you are using my Red fashion theme on v1.7  , there is a file inside theme folder:  red_fashion/views/default/page_elements/owner_block.php   DELETE it and it will fix it.

    Let me know if it works.

  • @Lunke
    You are quite welcome..

    We are working on the <multicolored>POD Theme
    for Elgg v1.7..
    Testing so far looks sexy ;-)


  • Juipo

    @Durangod   Yes, 1.7 and theme were posting it so it was showing twice. By deleting it in theme folder I did not loose any info in the owner block on my 1.7 test site as Elgg core owner_block.php file is pulling it anyway. I don't know why all the info in the owner block might be removed on your site when you delete it from theme. If you can mod it and it works for you, that much better.

    @H.Lunke   I'm glad that fix worked for you on Black Pod Theme as well.


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