Plugin Idea if anyone is interested. Elgg integrated Forums?

Would there be a way to have a link under tools for "discussions", that would bring you to a list of groups. Maybe adding the latest X topics under each group name. But, then link directly to the discussions/topics. It could be an elgg style of forum. Then maybe add a search specifically for the discussions. I think this would be simpler than adding in a full blown forum. The tricky part might be the access level sorting.

  • I'm offering up $50 for anyone that wants to start this project. If anyone else likes the sounds of and would like to offer up some money also, please join in.

  • ( image is a lilttle small-ish ;-) but can read w/ reading glasses )

    how about using phpBB3 plugin...?

  • I like the idea of using the content already provided by the groups. It would make looking for information simpler. Besides, just how many forms of talking do we need on one site. Forums (phpbb), discussions (groups), message boards (between users in public), private messaging (between users), the wire (messages to all). To me the group discussions would make the most sense. It's already there, it's just not organized for everyone. I can't imagine this being to difficult (for someone with experience). It's a matter of searching and displaying results.


    The image was just for a reference. It's just showing how (one way of many ways?) the results can be laid out out.