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Some updated in r3981 "TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS" (NB: TECHNICAL !!!) have value less than none for technical specialists. Namely,

MySQL 5+ with sql_mode in standard mode (ie not in traditional or any other mode)

is just brainless. At least I, as DBA, can't see any sense in it


  • I agree there is a better way. Right now there is a problem in the schema that is causing warnings. If you change the sql_mode, it can result in those warnings becoming errors. The better way is fixing the schema. The ticket here: as I'm sure you know.

    By the way, I find your overreactions very tiresome.

    1. the better place to post is Trac since this is where the ticket is being discussed

    2. Your language is always much stronger than the situation deserves

  • I've changed the schema on my working copy to add a default value to the last_action column but it hasn't been committed yet because I wanted to test it more.

    The addition of the requirement is because Elgg hasn't been thoroughly tested in the alternative SQL modes offered by MySQL and no guarantees can be made that it will work.  This is quite similar to the situation with running Elgg on a server with PHP in CGI mode--It might work, but it's not officially supported yet.

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