One problem and some ideas for improvement

First of all: Thank you very much for this plugin. It does exactly what I need! Now for the problem I have: The conversion of videos works with smaller videos (e.g. 2MB) without any problems. Now I tried to upload and convert a bigger file (22MB, wmv). When I look at the conversion cue status in the admin area everything looks fine, the video gets converted (status bar green with increasing file size), finally it gets white and the conversion is finished. The converted file is OK and I can play it in a flv player. But when I look in the Video area of my elgg installation it still says "Video is queued up for conversion." Somehow izap video does not manage to tell my system that the conversion is finished. Do you have any ideas how to fix this?

Finally some ideas how to make it even better:

  • You have this nice conversion cue in the admin area which shows the actual status of the conversion. I think including this in the video area where it says "Video is queued up for conversion." would be extremly helpful for the end user to keep track of the conversion. Perhaps you can even include an estimation when conversion will be finished?!
  • Some of my video files I upload are quite big. I really like these neat flash upload tools which show you the actual status of the update in a progress bar. Perhaps you can think of including one like this in the plugin.
  • At the moment you use a flv player you created on your own, which is fine. But perhaps you can even think of including one of these open source players in your application which are more commonly used (jw player is my favourite). This would make it easy for users of your plugin to skin the player because they have a well documented api for that and even some pre made skins.

Keep on the good work!


  • @Peter:
    Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider what you said. Wait for the next version which is lined up by the end of this month.
    Big videos problem could be the only issue with "memory_limit". In this release, You may need to increase "memory_limit" in php.ini for back-ground processing. Unfortunately, .htaccess won't work in case of background processing.

  • Hi!

    I think I'm having the same issue as above. I will say straight away that I am only using version 2.5 of the plugin, but I believe this to be the same issue after doing some reading. I cannot upgrade to 3.5 as I cannot install the needed extra files. My larger videos, 6Mb, are converting, but staying in the tmp directory, not moving to the izap_videos directory in elggdata, and the queue staying running. If I click reset now and trigger with new video, the first one reconverts, and I'm stuck again. If I delete files, I don't get any of the videos converted. Has anyone come across a solution for this yet, or even ideas (I don't mind having a go at doing the work, but thought I'd check with people first!).

    Appreciate the time and effort izap.