Images missing from list view :(

I made a form which was working really well and looking good, but I have just visited the site again, and the images are not showing.  If I go to "edit", I can see the images by the upload box as normal... help please?

  • Are you saying that the images were showing at first and now are not?

  • is the image box showing but with an X in it ?

  • Thanks for the interest... you can see at originally there were images on the left hand side of the listings... I did replace the standard forms plugin because the upgraded one was preventing the flexprofile from working. 

    I also had some sort of server issue yesterday when I had very slow and then no service for about 30 minutes, but my other site (same provider differant domain) seems ok.

    On the full view the image is missing as well.  There is no box with x in it (I put the {image} in a table for formatting reasons, but it is still a bit wierd.

    I am not actually sure where these images are saved.  Looking forward to any pointers you can give me.

  • which version of the form plugin did you use to upload the images?

  • AH!!!  I've just had a thought... I remember making a slight correction to the code to make the :thumb work... I must have used the an unmodded version.  I must ament my stock file!  I'll look at the thumb code and give it a try...

  • if you have made any changes to the source I sent you last week, can you tell me so that I can make sure I include it in the next release?

  • Hi Kevin, no changes made to the revised code, that worked fine with the images in my testing, the only issue was with the flexprofile that I told you about.  Alas, I do not have the php IQ to much about with your new code, working out how to get the :thumb working was baffling enough :)

    So where are the images saved? I reckon it would be neat to use the /data file in the same way profile icons do (and reduced to tiny,small and a larger one).

    I redid the :thumb code (copied from your new model.php) and all is well... thanks Kevin:)


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Form and related plugins

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