changing color for blogs!

Hello I have changed the color of the blog in, by changing color in


It changes the color of the blog when I view it, BUT NOT when I write a blog.

The problem is i can see both the view and write (TineMCE with language support) uses the same two_column_left_sidebar_maincontent. Then why doesnt it change it both places??


  • @Durangod, Loads of thanks, that you have tried it and tried to help me. I am aware of the css refresh stuffs... I have checked editing the default css, it works for other places that use two_column_left_sidebar_maincontent, only except the area used to type the blog. (it is similar place like this one, where I am writing to you!)

    Any other clue?

    Thanks again...


  • Wait a sec, look at the bottom of *this* page, where we type our comments, there is a line "Post a comment" or a button "save" etc. Now in *this page* this color is WHITE, right?  If you change the color of two_column_left_sidebar_maincontent in the selected theme, this color (WHITE in *this page* for example ) will change for blogs viewing...but if you try to write one this becomes blue. OH one more clue for your research, I have changed the border color in two_column_left_sidebar_maincontent, and it has effect as expected!

    By *this* I meant the text area of this page you are currently viewing...

    :) Thanks much!


  • @ Nasim, the blog edit is not under the two_column_left_sidebar_maincontent div. its using another layout called two_column_left_sidebar_edit or some thing called blog_edit_page. its css is available in blogs/views/default/blogs/css.php. you need to make changes there.

  • Loads of thanks to Durangod and Team Webgali.

    Yes, the code is there in blogs/vies/default/blogs/css.php as you mentioned.

    #blog_edit_page #two_column_left_sidebar_maincontent {

    margin:0 0px 20px 20px;

    padding:10px 20px 20px 20px;


    background: red;  //#bbdaf7;  // << Here I am playing with red... 


    << For other reader: the text below is not the solution, but reporting to the experts >>
    Just to share with you expert guys, I used fire bugs to see what is involved... strangely it shows 
    and as an addition to my confused situation, when I changed the border color there it changed! but not the background!
    A big thanks to you again...