A small business intranet?

Hi. We would like to use this on our intranet.

Simple functionality needed:

  1. Login and user access (of course)
  2. File sharing, with easy searching (also through common file types: word, powerpoint, pdf, excel)
  3. Message forum (like a bbs) and email updates on key topics
  4. A wiki type page to organize knowledge for the group, that selected users can add/edit while others can only read

That's it.

I tried installing elgg, but there's so much focus on the "social networking" angle that the file and knowledge sharing bit gets a short shrift. Click after click later I see my first discussion.

Any advice on what I can do to have a Wiki, a BBS, and a clear file sharing location whic is easily searchable?Looks like I will need several plugins etc?


  • Elgg isn't really set up to support complex file searching by content type or a full blown discussion forum. There is the pages system which supports group pages and you can set up an access group to restrict write access to a smaller group of people than the readers, but doing so is not entirely straight forward.

    I suggest that you consider using the Vanilla forum integration plugin and perhaps the Mediawiki integration as well.

    For file stuff you can search the plugin repository but you may end up needing to write (or contract someone to write) a plugin to add those features.

    So in short, there's nothing in the core Elgg engine stopping you from doing what you want, but I think that you may find that the available plugins focus much more on the social networking features and less on the information intranet possibilities.