Need some help - I cannot delete users!


thanks for reading this & trying to help. I have a site where I use dummy users to test changes to new plugins, etc. I re-ordered several plugins after upgrading fro m1.5 to 1.6 and noticed that I cannot delete new test dummy users. I get this error whenever I try to delete one of my newly created dummy users :

 IOException: Failed to load new ElggObject from GUID:3291

BUT - I do not see this occur on previous dummy users that were created when my site was under 1.5.

The new users that I created to test out have nothing associated to their accoutns other than maybe a new avatar (i.e. no group memberships, no  bookmarks, etc. etc.)

Anyone have any ideas how I can fix this issue so that I can delete future users?


  • Try disabling your default widgets for the user. The error seems to be tied into that feature. It is a conflict with the widget control code. It should work if the user has no default widgets.

    This bug has been logged. The bug report was originally open by Kevin and he may have some additional or better advice. Brett reopened the bug two weeks ago and may similarly be better able to help.


  • oh my. i'm dead in the water if i can't have my default widgets plugin up.

    I'll temporarily disable and try to see if I can delete the user. thx for the help!


  • humm... nope. doesn't seem to fix the situation (disabling default widgets).

    Here's what I'm seeing and maybe this'll help w/the bug log:

    I have uncaptcha and default widgets plugins.  In 1.5 I had no issues with these two together but now i'm having issues with both beign enabled. When uncaptcha is enabled, default widgets will not work and users are forwarded to a blank page. So some test users registered without uncaptcha enabled, other test users registered with uncaptcha enabled.

    For users that were able to successfully register and had default widgets generated for them, I was able to delete them as long as I had 'uncaptcha' plugin disabled also.

    For users that were generated with 'uncaptcha' plugin enabled, default widgets has an issue and no widgets were actually generated and I cannot delete these users no matter what.

    Maybe this'll help?

  • How familiar are you with Elgg's database schema? You could look up the entity with guid 3291 and see what the subtype ID is and then check in the subtype table to see what subtype string is. That should give you a clue where this object came from. 

  • Following up on Cash's advice, you can find more about entities here and the database schema over here. You should also leave Brett a note asking him to take a look over the thread if he has a moment. He marked the bug active in the tracker and wrote the plugin that seems to be causing the conflict. He might have a reasonable idea of how to address the issue or at least understand what is causing the issue you are encountering.