Bridges and integration

It would be wonderful if some of the developers could reach out to other open source projects to develop bridges and integrations for elgg. That sort of extension is commonly requested for most community, CMS, wiki, and forum softwares. The order of development would most likely be:

  1. "Simple" log-in bridge, with elgg as the master/account source.
  2. User sync. Importing users into elgg. (Exporting would be unnecessary with an elgg master bridge.)
  3. iframe pseudo-integration.

After that, there are differing priorities:

  • Frameless integration. (This is often tricky and will at least require the suppression of CSS conflicts.)
  • Theme harmonization. (This can be as simple as suppressing CSS conflicts and making visually matching themes or as complex as skinning the slave app using elgg's theme data.)
  • Activities feed from slave software. (I'm honestly not sure how this would be done, but I know that several integration apps, such as JFusion, can feed activities into social modules from slave apps.)

Reaching out to these other development teams and communities will:

  • Increase the exposure of elgg in the open source CMS and social software communities.
  • Increase the coding talent pool for elgg.
  • Result in a set of plugins that puts elgg lightyears ahead of the competition by providing functionality that is in extremely high demand.

Thoughts? Comments?

  • i was thinging in a wedget for the users which they can toke it and put it outsite elgg, like in thier blogs and websites, showing thier friend , profile data, groups members, latest discussions ..etc.


    i think this kind of stuff done by the APIs and javascript codes, i hope to see that kind of plugins soon.

  • I never noticed this "Bridging" post before... ;-) OR is where the remnants of my research notes for bridging Elgg<->Elgg lies in state. I seem to have lost almost all my notes (but not my precious *code) from since late 2008, when I had started working with XMLRPC to make the bridges. My main focus then was to tunnel into Moodles WebServices (They were then planning that feature for their Vers 2.0).

    But alas... there's only 24 hours in a day x 7 days and over the months... I got too involved with so many other projects and TCB.. though can still have two Elgg sites talk to each other using XMPLRPC calls, but that is where I left my develepment code.. while I had to just move on...

  • Supporting the theme.

    One of ideas I tought some time ago is running Elgg in "slave" mode to existing scripts.

    Here are my reasons:
    1) Consider forums, like phpbb. They exist long time and users often have forum script running with significant customer base. Breaking everything and installing elgg instead looks very aggressive move, as customers may just leave the site. But making an addition, allowing forum-enabled site gradually evolve to social network - may look attractive. This requires some items Casey mentioned: login bridge, profile sync, css / look harmonization. We made experiment with phpbb, but did not go further - just did not found customer :).
    2) Similar approach - but for communities. Often businesses have already some customer base (like user groups or so) and may seem valuable to add to customer site community features. Elgg could serve here preferct too. Again - need login/profile integration, look and feel harmonization.

    Both theese cases do not have anything deeply technical - that just marketing considerations but I believe such approaches could improve elgg visibility and (i'd say) penetration to existing markets.

  • Hello

    It sound very nice, although i see that practically speaking, these bridges are so hard to maintain, that even if there is a bridge at a certain point, it breaks with each new release on each application.

    I have surrendered this point of view, after all the trying. I'm thinking its better to develop plugins so that Elgg has similar functionality to the other apps. After all, plugins are extremely flexible. For example Vazco presented his Forum plugin, which i think tackles most of the Forum necessities.

    One of the things that would be great to have in Elgg but have no time to implement, is the option for courses.

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa

  • Uddhava, I agree with you that bridging is usually very hard. It's possible only when there is an API that is not changing in the application you're bridging to (eg. Facebook, most of Google's API's).


    Btw, we were working on courses and e-learning plugin on Elggdev, though it's development was halted when funder decided he no longer needs it. As this is a quite complex functionality, we can't launch it as other Elggdev plugins. If we find a sponsor, I would be glad to release the plugin either for free or as a low cost version on Elggdev ( which would lower the costs for a sponsor )

  • Dear Vazco,

    Ah sounds cool, do you have a working demo?

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa

  • hi everyone, thanks for making this group

    I have an idea : what about integrating EyeOs into Elgg

    it's a cloud operating system with office like app ( wordprocessor , spreadsheet ..) and lot more 

    I don't know if it is possible but it would be wonderfull , having  editors for files inside elgg


  • Uddhava, I have only a few modules which are not functional yet and tools that allow to create some relationships that can be used in e-learning. There is no running demo yet.


    I got message from Richard Noble and one more person, they would be interrested in such module as well. We may create a specification that would suit everyone more or less and lower the development costs this way. Later, the plugin can be personalized either individually or I can personalize it. I created a separate page for the idea of this plugin here.