Is 1.7 really that different in performance? What other benefits?

I have just re-started two test sites back to 1.6.1, as it seems plugins for 1.7 are off in the "indeterminate future". I was intially encouraged to dive in 1.7 by some, now many are telling me it could be months before we see a "site acess" an "elgg chat" a "profile manager" or any other one plugin we may need.

That's greatly beyond my control, but I seriously encourage everyone to get a thread opened to at least see who is upgrading what plugins.

By my calculations (just watching the reload time) 1.7 is blazing fast compared to 1.6.1. In fact, I get tired of playing with Tidy Pics in 1.6.1 in a few minutes, meaning I don't even like my own website! Now if I don't like it, what does that mean to my potential users? Tidy Pics seems to have real problems uploading blank photos in 1.6.1, not in 1.7!! Blazing fast and no blank boxes!

I have now had significant back to back comparisons of 1.6.1 and 1.7 on my PHP "loaded" server and I simply will not launch a 1.6.1 site as user ready for anyone with anything but DIAL UP speed!

Someone wake me up when there are plugins updated for 1.7!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Bill, "...I just cannot beleive that I am the only person who saw Elgg as clunky and buggy and yet with so much potential!"  I think many of us feel like this, but are at different points along that particular desolation road... I am still looking for the enlightenment you seem to have found... well done!

  • I fully understand each is at his own place in this journey. My point is we are all on the wrong damn journey if speed and running clean isn't first and foremost. The first time I loaded 1.7 and just went "wow"! I immediately reported on it and immediately I was told speed increase wasn't expected. Now wait a second...I am no programmer, but have been loading and running software since 1990! How can you tell me that you have done "a major bug fix with no new features" and there was no expectation of an increase in speed. Huh? What was there an "expectation" of? Less whitescreen? Sharper edges? Better spell checking? I am fullu confused. All I know is the little spinning Elgg logo doesn't spin as much! All I know is the graphics and pages load in one clean sweep, bam! The Elgg logo used to just chug around in circles, a box would get  drawn, another would, then something, then something else, oh wait it's coming....hang on, oh yes, it's here! That "was" the past experience. So I did my own test and I can assure you, it's way faster and thank god. My server company seems to have there act together and I am on Comcast California Broadband in Sacramento, CA so maybe all this helps, but I just can't beleive speed wasn't expected in a no new features major code cleanup. Tell me what was expected, I'd love to know what I was waiting for, cause if I had known it wasn't speed I would have bailed out long ago! I guess they are telling me my ignorance have save me to live another day. Whatever, it's fast get it rolling, who cares next!


  • TahoeBilly, Some of the percieved increase in perfomance you see could that not be related to the fact your running a bare bone system with a minimal amount of plugins? There are several plugins that will bring your site to a absolute crawl, (Ellg Chat, Add to Any) and some others so for me I have a baseline perfomance I want to see and if I add a plugin that changes that its out. Think once you have all your plugins back you will see the same performance as you saw in 1.6.1, I'm concerned some of the plugins like the CKEditor will not get updated or others from where the developers have called it quits are not going to be changed, is there a work arround or is the Elgg Dev team going to get involved with usefull abandoned plugins??


  • Rob,

    This is exactly why I am starting these threads, to see exactly what we might be "waiting for" or as Bob Marley said so eloquently, "waiting in vain" for. I only can go by the basic stuff I see, I did a test using some webspeed testing site. To me, it's obvious that 1.7b just moves much quicker, and I have some plugins running, not Elgg chat. Check out my other topic, "plugins in 1.7 what works what doesn't".

    I think the Dev guys think I am nuts, but in reality I praise everyone for all their hard work, and these guys have worked hard, but the question is towards what? Obviously many have come and gone from the Dev world surrounding Elgg.

    I want to know what's on the table. That's my goal, who is doing what in 1.7b which is obviously way more secure and I think runs much cleaner too.



  • I had a chance today to do some benchmarking on a dev machine (Linux, apache2, php 5.2.10, no php optimization/caching). The machine was quiet except for my tests. I used the ab tool for some rough numbers. I used two clean installs (because I was too lazy to create test users and data) so this is mostly a test of how quickly the core engine loads. I tested loading an empty profile page. 1.7 was about 5% faster than 1.6.1 in those tests (both around 120ms per page). Oddly, 1.6.1 was slightly faster on the home page.

    I then installed the Elgg developer tools on both installs and turned on page timing. This writes page creation timing into the server's error log. I used my browser to hit the pages with similar results.

    Now for a real performance gain, I turned on APC and my page creation times went from 120ms to 40ms.

  • Cash,

    Great to hear you playing with it, testing speed. I ran heavy Tidy Pics loads, which in fact my site will have immense traffic on, and I showed you what I found. My instinct had just come from so many reloads building the pluigins testing them etc. I am guessing a guy like me is hammering away reloading main pages and Tidy Pics albums alot more than a guy like you, probably testing code functions I would guess. In fact my server stats show quite a bit of usage, by well, myself mostly as I am in demo for the most part. It just seems clear to me heavy loads of run way cleaner.


  • TahoeBilly,

    Elgg has a great potential! And yes, i am expecting a load speed increase from a new version, hope it will be so!

  • Building expectations that 1.7 is significantly faster is exactly what I wanted to avoid in this thread.  Cash's tests show a 5% increase in speed on some of the page loads between core 1.6 and core 1.7.  5% of 120 milliseconds is 6 milliseconds--6 one-thousandths of a second.  This is minuscule.  It's barely outside a good margin of error for benchmarking, let alone perceivable.

    (For those interested, this 5% could well be a result of Commit 3927, in which I changed how the core libs are loaded.  I got about a 4% increase after this.)

    If any of the changes we made in 1.7 speed things up, that's great and I'm thrilled it worked out that way, but please don't expect it.

  • I was expecting that my post would decrease expectations. As Brett says, 5% is not noticeable. I tried 1.6.1 and 1.7 with Tidypics and did not see a difference. The page creation time was slightly higher for 1.6.1 but any difference was dominated by the time to load the images. An album with 10 images was taking ~700ms regardless of whether it was running 1.6.1 or 1.7.

  • Agreed 5% or so isn't much faster. I am sorry for causing a stir, for some reason my 1.7 installs run much faster than any previous versions, including the test loads I did on my A2 VPS srver. I will stay away from this debate, but since I am having luck, I will stick with 1.7. Sorry for any "hype" I may have get back to work on those plugins!!!