How to fix my header?

Hey guys,

My header looks like this:


in IE. How do I fix it?


Jeremy Reid

  • I suggest you to put the url where we can see it.


    Login: TEST

    Password: password

    (The error only happens when you are logged in)

  • I recommend using the IE developer tools. You can tweak the CSS and view the changes in real-time. It's not as good as Firebug but will do the job in this case.

  • @Jeremy

    I just logged into yr site using IE7 - the topbar menu looks the same as in FireFox ;-)

  • Yeah, but it is buggered up in IE8.

  • hmm, sounds familiar ;-( several months back i was investigating something similar. even tho my pc already had ie8, i dumped that and installed ie7 ;-) can you do a full screenshot of what ie8 looks like and load to yr server so that i can have a study.. there may be way out, no promises,, but i think i have workarounds published here and there.. something to do with ie8's unnatural extra padding...

  • Juipo

    Jeremy, I see you are using my BlackPod theme (actally I saw it earlier as now your site is not responding). I wanted to register there but did not make it before site went down, to see the backend as "not logged in" looks fine in my IE8.

    From your photo it seems like (I can almost guarantee it) the previous problem when you have too many plugins enabled ( plus extra links you put yourself in there) and profile,settings and admin links on right side so what happens is that menu bar is just not wide enough That forced me to create BlackPod with "dropdown" Tools menu which made room for all other links.

    Try disabling some plugins and test it that way. You are going to have to either download "Dropdown" version ( or remove some extra links you have put in there.

    Let me know if disabling some plugins fixes it.


  • Juipo

    Your site still down????