Question about "Elgg Pricing"

I just stumbled across the Elgg Pricing page at and have a question.

Is this something new, or something that has always been there?

I thought Elgg was completely open source. In particular, I thought that according to the license that anything that is offered in a distribution had to be made available to everybody. So I was confused by paid-for self-hosted licenses that appear to have more features than the free community version. 

Can somebody please clarify this for me.



  • Peter M


    "Abantu Bayithanda Imali" ;-)
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  • Yes, we all need money. :)

    I was just curious, because it seemed different from how I read the license. I know that people write and sell their own plugins.

    But the core Elgg itself was, I thought, open source. And the license explanation page seemed to say that "if you improve it and don't distribute it then you can keep your source private, but if it is distributed then you can to also make it open source."

    I was just confused because it seems that there is a for-fee "enhanced" version of Elgg that happens to be distributed (for self-hosting). But that version is not open source?




  • Peter M

    Thank you for your those links, Cash. My question for anyone who can answer is - can I get my hands on that "enhanced" version of Elgg for $0 GPL ? or do I have to pay ? I mean they seem to be describing some very interesting features with Elgg, but there is nothing here at communbity elgg about all that special Elgg code and also no where to download that "enhanced" Elgg code. Can you help us all out here ?

  • One of the important points that is made by the second blog that I linked to is that the core is dual licensed. This means it is available under the MIT license also. The one available for download here is distributed under the GPL license. The MIT is more liberal in what you can do with the code.

    From what I've been told, the Elgg core used for is the same code available here. The differences are in the plugins.

  • Peter M

    Could you please send me the link for link that other liberal MIT license Elgg downloads ?


  • The Elgg core is the same in both the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition--The differences are in plugins, which are not released under a GPL license.  This means that any improvements to core from enterprise or community end up in the same place, available for free to all, but the Enterprise plugins are not.

    OSS licensing is a bit confusing, but Elgg Core is definitely open source and free under the GPL2.  The version licensed under MIT is available upon request.


  • I am still confused. This is great, but where do I pay? and how and what kind of licence do these paid for plug-ins carry? are they open source or encrypted somehow. Also I would like to know what these plug-ins actually do(are)? Could you name them.

    So These are the questions

    1. The number of, name of and functionality of these paid for elgg plug-ins

    2. Are these paid for plugins, open-source or encripted/diasbled somehow?

    3. What licence do they carry ?

    4. Where would I pay for these plugins and obtain a copies


  • @Malaga Jack - The top post had a link to the services provided at It is a hosted elgg install, not a set of plugins for sale.