Folders - is there a plugin for this in 1.5?

Folders are really useful but they've been removed from 1.5 for some reason.They're so useful I even submitted a bugfix for them! Are there any plans to bring them back? Or perhaps there's a plugin I haven't found yet. Would be nice, instead of having to flatten a 0.9 file structure to jam it into 1.5

  • @antifm ... you mean the elgg 1.5 category system working in tidypics?

    I'd like to see the categories used by more plugins, like site-wide autotags.

    I'd also like to know more about folders ... were they like a storage thing or?

  • In 0.9 you could create a folder and upload files into it. You could create a folder hierarchy with different permissions for each folder. They weren't categories, they were physical folders in the data dir. Would be really nice to get them back in 1.x

  • That sounds like a good plugin.

  • @Brane ;-)

    "Folders" = core  code v0.9  ?


  • yes, core code. Doing a plugin for folders shouldn't be too difficult but Files are core in 1.5 so wouldn't know about the folders.

  • right u are brane....

    "profile" and "file" are Folders within e.g.   a/d/m/i/n/admin/   ==>   /profile and /file - so Elgg in creating the "folders" for itself anyway (mkdir in "filestore").

    i'm  helping an elgg friend w/ doing a community plugins type file uploader, classifier. He is a non-programmer and it is amazing to see the Elgg functions and stuff that he's coding.JMust goes to show the power in Elgg ;-O

    hmm.. after he's finished the his version of Files. I might suggest to him to do "Folders" because he can reuse the code he's already doing.

  • Dhrup, I think folders have to be core rather than separate from main file handling. When I upload a file I want to put it in a folder, no matter whether I'm in a community or not. I was going to take a look at the 0.9 folder code and see if I could port it to 1.5. Also, 0.9 had a special type of folder, Picture Gallery, which also can't be migrated as they've thrown that out too.

  • @Branes

    nope I do not agree ;-O

    don't need core changes for "folders" -- b/c can do the job w/ a plugin that extends func of "file" plugin. message me privately if you wanna chat re: this  angle some more... I;m also curious about porting that code to v1.5 -- [ why am am I so-o-o challenged by and about problem situations  w/in Elgg ? ]

    + re: v0.9 special type of folder - plz send me URL for classic elgg ''special type folder" so i can download and study (older) code..


  • actually -- i do agree because it is the (core) 'filestore' class that does the trick...he's the the who does the mkdir !


  • Classic Elgg is here but now unsupported:


    download from here

    what I don't understand is why don't the current Elgg developers know about 0.9? Is 1.x a completely separate product? There's no complete migration path from 0.9 -> 1.5 as key elements of 0.9 have been left out of "elgg" 1.5.