More default widgets for new user


      User have some difficult to set the layout for their profile. So i have one idea that's we have more templates (default widget layout), so user can choose any one for them. I have no idea to start , please help me...


kirubakaran k


  • this applies to both the profile and the dashboard ok so just to be clear...

    on either page, profile or dashboard, but look at your dashboard, there is an edit page link right under were you see settings, its on the top right middle of your page, it says edit page..

    click on that, (do it from dashboard its alittle easier first time) the widgets are stored in the widget storage area on your right, you can drag them to the profile or dashboard as you see fit.  or remove them same way and put them back to the right in the widget storage area.

    as far as setting the default, go to your admin page, and look for default plugins on the left side menu, i dont remember the exact wording but youll know it when you see it...

    you can set the default there and that is what the user will have when they first go to there profile and dashboard.