Groups Problem

I've been looking through topics for a while as well as some google searching but couldn't find the answer so I thought I'd try here.  Here goes:

The problem:  When I create a group as an administrator I'm the only one that can see it.  When a member creates a group,  that member and I are the only one to see it.

The details:  Groups are enabled with the ability to make private groups set to yes
I have profile_manager installed.


Any thoughts on why my groups might not be working?

  • You didn't mention what version you were using. I know that there were issues with invisible groups in 1.6 that should be fixed in 1.7 (which is in beta right now). If you don't want to try the beta, I recommend turning off the invisible group option in Elgg 1.6.

  • Release - 1.6.1 Sorry I came back to put that in earlier and forgot to hit save.

  • What do you see if you go there when your not loggued in?


  • My site is a walled garden so it won't let me view the page.

  • Ok so I tried disabling the private groups setting on groups and went back in with not luck.  So I deleted all the groups and disabled groups until I had time to look at it.  Went back in later enabled groups but did not allow for private groups.  Created a group and it displayed on my test user who created the group, and test user 2's page as well as on the admins list of groups.   Let's see if this sticks or I'm back in here in a couple days.