Help. How to create specialized objects?

Hello everybody,

I'm developing a plugin, that enables a group to be rated by its members. It's an educative project wich every group will have an objectives set. I want to allow users to evaluate them satisfaction. So this rate will be according the objectives that owner established.

it is possible create a group objective as elgg object?
I've thought associate this custom objects with the group and present those to the user in his satisfaction test.

for example:
the group owner stablished this objective
Group Objective: "Learn the best practices to redact documents"

the satisfaction test:
were the following objectives accomplished?
1 - Learn the best practices to redact documents (Yes / No)

is viable my plan or are there another easiest form to do it?


  • ohh!

    i didn't know that metadata can save arrays too, now that I know, i'm going to do it using elgg metadata for the group better. However, i hope you answer this post with your opinion, or any advice if you have better ways to do it.