elgg 1.7b and event_calendar, delete events token error

Cant't delete events from event_calendar.

A “Form is missing __token or __ts fields” error occurs when I want to delete events from event_calendar.

Has anyone a solution for it?

  • The event calendar plugin will be updated at some point after the final version of Elgg 1.7 is released.

  • It would be helpful if plugins could be updated now, since the code is out.  Many of us have been gnawing our elbows off, waiting for even the 1.7 beta.  It has been forever!  So, to have to wait forever for plugins to be released based on 1.7 stable will prolong a lot of projects timelines even more!  Please, plugin developers, at least get your plugins up to 1.7 beta!  That's getting them pretty far!  And then if their are minor tweaks after the stable, it'll be okay!

  • Yes, if plugins would be updated now it would be helpful for me, too. I'm the same opinion like you. We don't know how long to wait for the final version.