Improving the plugin area

The new plugin repository is a great upgrade on the previous one. Having a single page per plugin makes using the repository so much easier. Thank you to those involved in writing it.

I'm starting this thread for a discussion on how to make it even better. You can list bug reports and suggestions for improvements here. Please be aware that there has already been some discussion on managing plugin dependencies and upgrades in the google group: Probably best to keep that discussion there for the time being.

  • hello,

    I gave a look at elgg since 3 months, I use 1.6.1

    I found this great community,

    I have just one remark about the plugins:

    translations are really complicated to find.

     is there no conventions for packages translations?

    find a plugin is easy but finding these translations is the obstacle course,

    and as there is no naming conventions for the Zip ... 

    any chance to see that solved in the future ?

    again thank you for the great work you do :)


  • Hello,

    To list the top 10 for each category, interface, etc. Top 10 Recommended by Elgg, and Top 10 by most downloaded.

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa

  • If you would stop reposting your own code vazco the system might fix itself too.  You change the text and you call it a update whereas anyone else would expect some new source.

    RE: I think the plugins that are updated frequently should be promoted and users should be able to easily spot newly updated plugins on plugin listing page.


  • midkniht, please read the messages I sent you before accusing me of doing something I didn't do. I posted a first release of a completely new plugin 8 days ago and you accused me of posting the same code twice.


    A few days later I uploaded a new version with bugfixes that were requested, which has a separate comments, and you accused me of deleting your comments. They're simply in the old release of the plugin.


    Maybe in the new version of the plugin area old comments shouldn't disappear when new version is released, since it clearly can make people angry.

  • Did you delete your orignal post ???? how else did you code end up back on top?

  • midkniht, there was no original post -_- The vazco_moderate plugin was developed for one of our clients about a month ago for free. If you're not that client, you couldn't have seen it before, unless you had access to our test server. You probably mistaken vazco_moderate plugin with another one.


    I suppose this is not the place for this discussion. If you want it to continue, please move it to the page that you created for this issue.

  • All plugins must have (live) Elgg's version-compability list, whilr we meet big changes from time to time

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Feedback and Planning

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