2 bugs in group forums

I found 3 really severe bugs on the group forum:

  1. When trying to add a comment to a topic you started and you do this not with tinyMCE but remove the editor first, then the comment form is filled with your initial post and any text you add is automatically removed after 3 seconds. There is no way to post a comment to a topic you started!
  2. When you edit a topic, there is no way anymore to change the access settings or to close a thread. So if you started a topic as private, there is no way to publish it. If a thread is closed you can not reopen it.
  3. Default access permissions are not recognized by the group forum. The effect is that users on my site open discussions which are set to private (default in sitesetting is public). So nobody can see them and because of bug #2 even I as an admin am not able to change the access permission.

Hope there will be solutions soon, I go to trac now and post the bugs there too.

I could confirm bug 1&2 to happen on this community here too.

  • Yes, I could reproduce these bugs on my test server.

    One comment to the bug no1:

    Once I placed a comment on the topic a have started using TinyMCE, I can place the next comments with activated or with deactivated TinyMCE without problems.

  • Currently I'm getting: groupspost:nopost when I try and add a comment to (someone else's existing topic). A big problem and show stopper. This, I think, comes from


            $post = get_input('topic_post');
        // Let's see if we can get an entity with the specified GUID, and that it's a group forum topic
            if ($topic = get_entity($topic_guid)) {
                if ($topic->getSubtype() == "groupforumtopic") {
                    //check the user posted a message
                        // If posting the comment was successful, say so
                        if ($topic->annotate('group_topic_post',$post,$topic->access_id, $_SESSION['guid'])) {
                            // add to river
                        } else {


    I'd be grateful for advice on what to change/patch to fix this.

    Best regards Hugh

  • I'll answer myself, I turned off the tinymce plugin, and I can now post comments to discussion topics.