How to overwrite the profile plugins views with a theme plugin

Hi all, me again!

Just hoped someone could help me with a bit of an explanation of how view overwriting works in elgg. the situation i am in is one where i would like to use my theme plugin i have created to overwrite a view from the 'profile' plugin. I've already done with the standard view elements such as canvas etx, but i'm not sure how to go about overwriting a plugin view with another.

Any help or instruction would be appreciated. I'm trying to keep all my changes as non-destructive as possible so i can always revert back to default elgg.

Thanks everyone

  • the doc section tutorials have much info, here are a few if it helps, i hope i understood your question correctly...

    as an update to this,  i can tell you that my experience has been that not all plugins you might add are perfectly blended with your theme, i myself had to go in and modify the plugin css or add to it to make the plugin match my theme perfectly, def not what i wanted to do but effective none the less.

  • Thanks for that but i'm afraid it doesnt give a very specific answer to my problem. What i really need to know is what sort of file structure i would need inside my theme plugin if i want to overwrite another plugin contained inside 'mod'. I have already figured out how to overwrite normal views but those inside plugins continue to elude me.

    Any help is appreciated

  • Hi all. really could use some help with the above problem still. I really need to know how to override the views of one plugin with another. As i say i can do the normal site views, but have no idea what structure i need inside my theme to override the views of other plugins. All i'm trying to do is overwrite some profile views with a theme plugin.

    Please help a scared little newbie!


  • If a plugin has the file: /mod/profile/views/default/profile/userdetails.php

    You can override it in your plugin by creating a file in the same location:


    As long as your plugin is loaded after the profile plugin, your view takes priority.