Approved Registration Only?

I'm pretty sure I saw this functionality somewhere but I can't remember where.

Unfortunately, I need to move to a user registration approval system.  We are starting a community focused on our core business, yacht charter, and we want it to be for and about people who enjoy yachting and travel.  If we get a lot of SPAM, it's going to drive truly interested people away or keep them from joining in the first place.

Recently, I've gotten dozens of user registrations from what appears to be a small number of users but they are creating a lot of "users" of a similar theme... "discount insurance", "free online insurance quotes", "speeding insurance problems", etc.  Other themes are "southern Gospel Music" or "Big Fat Porn Mamas".

So, How can I make it that users must be approved before becoming a community member?  Is that a plug-in?



  • I'm getting the same problem. So far just 5 or so a day, but that's up from 1 or 2 a day just a week ago. I've been deleting them as they appear.

    I do have the Site Access plugin installed, which includes these options:

    Registration Options Allow account activation via email? 

    Auto activate account? (does not enforce email validation) 

    Send join events to River Dashboard? 

    Require invitation to register?  Requires plugin "invitefriends"

    Require coppa to register? 

    Require site Password to register? 


    I'm not sure what the first option - allow account activation via email - is for. Does that mean that users cannot validate themselves and you need to manually see who is awaiting approval?


    I'm considering perhaps requiring an invitation to register. Mixi, the largest SNS here in Japan has grown to over 10 million members and is by invitation only. At least it would provide some braking mechanism.


    One thing - after I installed Site Access I stopped receiving email notifications when a new user registers. Does anybody know what's up with that?






  • I don't remember the whole story cause it was quite a while ago, but we had to stop using Site Access in 1.6.1 cause it didnt' work, but it worked in 1.5. There should be some discussion documented about it in a past groups. We had a flurry at that time. All I know is that it didn't work in 1.6.1 so we never used it again.

  • Well, it works as far as it goes. I'm just not sure what the first option means, or why email notifications of new members joining has stopped.



  • yeah i remember that, i even made a few comments about it, but i am unable to find them at the moment and it was said by cash if i am not mistaken that the dev of that plugin has vanished and that it did not work on 1.6.1, my personal experience is that some functions work and some dont, some are great and some make your life hell.   so i removed it.. one day someone will rebuild it, we have the technology we have the talent, maybe they can call it the 6 million dollar site access plugin lol

  • Yes, some works, some don't. Actually, if I remember properly (I think), one of the problems had to do with what  you mentioned, doug - email notifications stopping. All I'm sure is that the the developer is gone and I, for one, have been burnt by disappearing developers in other applications more than once and don't want to go through that again. Even if it works in 1.6, what about 1.7, 1.8, 2.0? Too scary for me. These functions are so needed, it's beyond me why there isn't something to replace it. I think I've yelled wolf too often cause it all falls on deaf ears. If I was smarter, I'd fix the goofy thing before I did anything else. I aint, but I would be willing to contribute to financing it.

  • @douglerner

    Allow account activation by email means:

    You as admin get an email and by clicking on the link the new user is accepted.

    By default, the user cannot login unless you as admin have approved.

    Works with 1.6.1