Adding a few new user icon sizes

Hi all,

Looking for some guidance in  adding a couple of other icon sizes into ELGG. right now the difference between small and medium is too much for my needs so i wanted to add something that was roudhly in the middle and i'm having trouble finding all the files i need to edit. Any gelp or guide would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Ollie,

    Check out the profile plugin's iconupload action.  It will show you how to crop and resize photos.  Adding another size would just be duplicating that, and then updating any references you want to your new size.

  • Thanks for that. i'll take a look. can i ask one more stupid question. Do i have to enable elgg to show a users profile pic in the profile page or should it be there by default? the reason i ask is because i can't see the pic i've uploaded in my profile, yet i can see it as a mini icon in the top bar and also in the newest memebers plugin etc.

    I don't think i've touched anythign to break the function but i'll go back and check.