Elgg 1.7 beta bug report

Hello Brett,

Simple bug, with the 1.7 beta release. Whenever i click on the blogs plugin:


It shows the token error.

Uddhava dasa

  • so far for me its been flawless, not a single issue, very easy and very smooth install, every operation (and i have tested most but not done quite yet) working flawlessly, it would be nice one day if the login error would be segragated to either not validated, or incorrect pw or username... two sep messages, but other than that, its working perfectly, no issue with blog for me at all so far..


  • remember that plugins that are not set up for tokens will not work. we must wait for them to catch up.

  • Yes, its just that this particular blog plugin is part of the package.

  • just fyi i did find a bug with the add friends process, i did a ticket for it, i has to do with having to revalidate multiple times... just fyi so if you see this in your testing i have done a ticket already..

  • After update elgg 1.6.1 to the new beta i get a white page. Then I found out if i rename search plugin in mod folder, my testsite loads normaly... offcourse without search.

    My testsystem:

    [PHP: 5.3.0] on Windows XP, i think that´s the problem?

  • @Uddhava hasa - unable to reproduce. Could you document the steps to reproduce this please?

    @Durangod - http://trac.elgg.org/elgg/ticket/1417

    @Cube - please edit your .htaccess file and set display_errors to 1 and try again - let's see what that error is behind the WSOD

  • It would also be good if the actual e-mail address, that the invitation was sent to, would populate on the registration form automatically. Even in Elgg 0.8, the person's name and email address were populated on the registration form.  Here we are at 1.7 and this is gone.  ...It would be good if Invite Friends could allow for putting in the person's name and maybe the registration form could suggest some User ID choices, based on the persons name or the email address.  Yes?  ...What happens if the person uses that link, to accept the invitation, comes to this blank form and says, I don't know if I want to fill this out yet?!  Is the automatic friend connection still there?

  • And I just tested the registration, from a friend request. First of all, the captcha quality is aweful and not easy to read.  It would not be hard to make a mistake.  And I got the text wrong and was redirected to the home page, with this red error message.  Not very inviting to my Elgg site!  I think this is very bad!

    That friend connection never got established!  ...I did try to use the same invitation link again. I forgot to use a 4 digit User ID, got another error message! and then filled out the form successfully, but then no friend connection!

  • Has any tested the Add widgets to your page from the Widget gallery in IE 7???  Woah!  Kind of eeeery!  It adds them but it has this fly-away effect that makes you uneasy!  I am testing in all of the browsers and noticed that in IE 7.  Can someone confirm?

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