hiding admin

i have been searching in the archives to see if anyone has come up with a way to hide the admin account from the general population.  I really dont see any benefit to having the admin account listing on member lists and home page areas. would rather set it to private or just keep it from displaying the link or icon on the members list. 

  • Trying to find where is the problem.

    I edited that snipped because a missing "!", did you grab the edited code?
    Did you do the change in the original profile wiew or did you add it as a plugin?
    Don't you have another plugin that overrides those views?

  • @mopar yeah i got the edited version, i checked my theme and all thats in that profile is a css, and i changed the core profile listing file /mod/profile/views/default/profile/listing.php.  im looking over my installed plugins to see if something might be overriding that.  that might be the case because i just removed that section $info = entirely and no errors and it still came up so im wondering if something might be overriding that... ill look thru the theme again and see what i can find.

  • ok morgar i think i found it, i feel like duh .... lol   i guess i need more coffee,  i guess my common sense did not kick in today,  if i change the profile file its not going to change the index page display  is it now, which i will change the profile but thats not what im looken at, but to change the index page i have to change new_index.php in my theme,  i think that will work... lol...   can we all give me a kick in the butt for not seeing that...  note to self, dont do code until after your third cup of coffee lol ..

    i guess in my brain when i saw your code i was somehow thinking it was a root fix and doing that would nip it in the bud and not display on any page.  not sure why i thought that lol

  • :)

    That's right, it will prevent admins appear in lists that use the standard listing.php, but it will not avoid admins being visible in other contexts like recent members icon lists.

  • but im guessing that switch will work just about anywhere, im gonna have a smoke and another cup of coffee then give it a shot..

  • coffee, smoking, shooting. not a good combination. LOLZ.  :-)  :-P

  • lol yakiv well not good combo but it does a body good lol    hey by the way i think the only way to do this globally and not just in the profile or in isolated areas is to write a whole new routine to filter the user id at the core and turn it off if admin.  im also thinking front door here and im nooding over a possible filter on the database front end so that the admin username doesnt even get turned on display wize from the database side...   something such as adding an array for isprivate and setting that to filter the admin, this in fact would keep it from displaying whether we are logged in or not and that is what we are hoping to accomplish... 

  • How to hide admin account or hide admin profile. Has this turned into a plugin of some kind?

  • This might be OLD news but in 1.8.12 the admin has a user name just like anyone else and is therefore hidden.