Chat invite pop-up

Another little tweak that I would like (following feedback comments on the site ) is an Elggchat pop-up that alerts members when someone has invited them for a chat. At present they just get a black rectangle appearing on their chat toolbar and many complain they miss it.

What's needed is a pop-up alert to draw better attention to the fact that someone is being polled for a chat.

I've looked through the various chat plugins but can't find one. Is there such a plugin available? Or has anyone modified a chat plugin to have this feature?



  • i would think it would be fairly easy to implement the notification popup for system messages that we already have in place and just trigger one for new pm.  ill take a look and see what i can find, thats no guarentee now as i am fairly new to this as well, but should be fairly easy for someone with experience to implement. 

  • Under settings you can enable"flashing for new messages", I think this will be enought :) (You can also Enable sounds)

  • Thanks Durangod - that's what I thought, but I'm not familiar enough with it. Although I was referring to the chat feature and not the personal messaging feature.

    I'd be very grateful if someone could come up with a solution.



  • Hi Omar - thanks for that.

    I already have the flashing alert and sound enabled. However a lot of members who are used to other chat systems seem hooked on the idea of an automatic pop-up when they are invited for a chat. It's one of the regular subjects of the site feedback service.

    It's not a critical thing, but you like to "give the customer what they want" don't you?!

    All the best,