Questions about Elgg

I have recently been asked to look into setting up a social networking site for a new non-profit organisation. The idea is that users can access content with an on-line currency that can be earned by writing articles, making videos and share skills and trades. So the more the user contributes the more they can "buy". The end result hopefully being a online market place where by sharing your knowledge/skills you can gain others.

I was wondering if this kind of system is at all possible to achieve with elgg and if so how hard would it be to implement? 

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

  • the most pratical way to do this by installing it yourself and playaround with it

  • Lovegin John


    This is an effective concept on top of elgg. This is all about understanding and developing some cool plugins to extend the power of elgg.

    Though its feasible, I foresee a few weeks of development to make it happen.


    Lovegin John

  • Thank you for your responses.

    Is there a current plugin that supports user points or similar systems already available? 

  • you can check this out, i use it and it works well, alittle tweeking here and there but very good plugin.

  • @Durangod

    Thanks I will check it out now. 

  • how to change menu item?

    for example instead of "Deshboard" i want "Home"  and want to increase menu item like "services, FAQ, feedback, Contact us, etc..."

  • as for changing the display name of dashboard im not sure i have not looked into that, but as far as faq, feedback and the contact us, you can do pages for those then change the links in the spotlight to reflect those pages...   there is also a contact us plugin but not sure if it works with 1.7 beta or not, but it does work with 1.6.1 if you have that live.  dont go live with 1.7 yet its a beta version..

    also if you do a search for faq, someone was nice enough to give us a starter script but i dont remember the link, its just a starter and you can modify it to fit your site, just do a search for faq and i think youll find it..

    i just did a search for help and faq and i found a few plugins, but did not find the text, if you just want the starter text add me and ill send it to you in a private email message..  but you should find what you need not sure if the plugins i found work on 1.6 or not but you can give them a try..


  • Userpoints plugin is great, but Vazco also has a plugin that is good to use. He has a plugin on this site for free called Karma. He also has a full version on his site along with Karma Rights. I purchased his full version and had his customize it for me. He's reasonable and his rates aren't that much if you need to go that route.