best, easiest way to disable dashboard?

I find that the dashboard is redundant of the profile and is confusing for many of my site's new, tech uninclined users. I'd like a simple way to disable the dashboard completely. Is there a plugin for this? Thnx in advance.



    1. enable riverdashboard plugin
    2. the riverdashboard has settings that you can view after enabling the plugin on the same page
    3. set the option to replace the dashboard
  • Thnx for the reply, however, the only setting that I can view after enabling the plugin on the same page (tool administration) is "Replace the default dashboard with this activity river? (yes:no)"

    Replacing it doesn't disable the dashboard. I still have a "Dashboard" link in the topbar and dashboard functionality on the dashboard page.

  • No, choosing that option changes the dashboard from a widget based layout (that looks like the profile) to an activity stream like you see here on this site. If you want to remove it, you need to override the toolbar view.

  • Juipo

     To get rid of "Dashboard" link in the topbar,  In your theme folder (theme/views/default/page_elements) there is a file elgg_topbar.php. find the code:

    <div class="toolbarlinks">
                    <a href="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>pg/dashboard/" class="pagelinks"><?php echo elgg_echo('dashboard'); ?></a>

    and remove it.

  • ok, thnx, that's prolly what I'll wind up doing, I was just thinking that disabling it might conserve server resources or that removing it might conserve server space (removing the dashboard functionality, not just the link...)

    Or is it that if it just never gets used then it never takes up resources and the space is minimal anyway.

    I guess what I'm asking is whether or not dashboard is more like a process or application in terms of how/when it uses resources...

    I'm newb here.

  • Thanks for this wonderful info.

    However can you please help me in the following:

    Even if I remove the dashboard link when a user logs in the default page is shown as the dashboard screen. However when a user logs in I will like to go to the user profile page with all the widgets just as orkut. Any help will be really useful.

    Basically I want the users to have a fixed widgets as set by the administrator. The users should not be able to edit and set the widget.



  • there's a way to forward a user after he/she is logged in to his/her profile. you can either do it by plugin or change the code somewhere in the core. as for the widgets, just remove the add widget link in the userdetails.php file

  • Thanks Cim. However can you please let me know any particular file in Core which I can refer. I am a newbie to Elgg and still exploring!!!

  • in the actions folder, look in the login.php file