Don't know what happen. I think Curverider do not like us.

About 7 hours ago, i released new release of izap_videos 3.5 plugin. I was exploring and lil surprised, Why this new release has been deleted from the community. Who could have the rights is only Curvender????????????????????

Big question?

  • I downloaded this new release just in time then... strange that Curverider should be removed without any explanation or warning. 

    That is REALLY poor if this is what has happened.  There must be some control over a site like this, but not in such a blunt and Stalinist way.

  • agreed its only common courtesy if there is something wrong with a post from someone like izap who is a regular here, then be a man and tell them what the problem is, people who delete regulars posts without explanation are just, well its not nice what i have to say so i wont say it but you get my point.

  • Webgalli... perhaps we are jumping to conclusions?  Maybe it is a site bug?  I can't believe no one would have spoken to you about this...  Why not re-post it?

  • Without any information, it really is a waste of time theorizing about what happened. I'm sure this will be cleared up.

    iZAP, make sure when you upload a new video plugin that you do not create a new plugin page. What I mean is that you shouldn't go to the plugins page and click "upload a new plugin". The new plugin repository is setup so there is a single page per plugin and that page shows all your releases. It really is a great addition to the plugin repository. Instead, go to your plugin page and there is a way to upload a new version there.

  • I will repost But really need Curvrider attention once. I am not sure who is responsible for this. It could be bychance or whatever else. But the thing is, it must be notified once. I always appreciate their efforts. Elgg is quite serious product now and does not expect such issues at least.

  • @cash. I am sure, i did not use "upload new plugin". I uploaded that from "upload a new version" that link was available in the page of last release of izap_videos plugin. Do you know, Not only this new release 3.5 even last release 3.0 is also been removed.

  • iZap, all I can say is be patient. I'm sure this will get figured out.

  • Curverider already threatens to delete groups that are not active within a 3 month period. Maybe they have a criteria for deleting plugin posts too, but they should make you aware. Your plugins are some of the most important to the community.

  • I expect the cleanup of the groups to be a one time event. I think we can all agree that there were too many groups and most of them were created to ask a single question. There are some usability problems with the community site that led to this.

    I believe the first round of group deletion is over because there is now only 9 pages of groups. Before wasn't there something ridiculous like 70 pages of groups?

    The community site has really improved over the last year. I hope that continues.


  • Ok everyone...Deep breaths and positive attitudes.

    No one from Curverider deleted the plugin and I am investigating what has happened.  Let's all remember the community site is using a new plugins section that may have bugs.

    Re group deletion: Over the last 2 weeks Dave deleted over 400 groups, all of which were groups created to ask a single question.  This is needless clutter and is good for no one.

    I will post any findings, but I want to reiterate that no one from Curverider deleted this plugin.