We are comining up to solve intense background database process in izap_videos

I posted this discussion to collect feedback from all of you. In last couple of days, We were having queries of intense background processing of izap_videos plugin. That is something obvious with izap_videos plugin on elgg framework. In case of ON SERVER support, we used elgg objects to track all queue process. And all we know, elgg is lil harsh on mysql, So need more care in this sense.

So what possible solutions now we are coming in the next release of izap_videos plugin, We are going to by pass elgg db and setup sqlite db in background to take care of queue process. This way we just cut down the database load without messing up with elgg database. This is the best way, i think to have all functionality keeping elggish programming.

So please post your feedback about this concept. In few minutes, i am also going to release candidate release of izap_videos 3.5.

You can try https://izapvideos.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ if you are curious and would like to contribute your feedback :)