Comment and reccomendation not visible on content form output

I have created a content form and ticked the boxes to allow commenting and reccomending, but they do not appear on the output view.  Anyone have an idea how to fix this?

I reordered the plugins and deactivated my theme, but still nothing. Any help please?

  • Try placing all of these plugins at the bottom of the list, with the form plugin before the others.

  • Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply.  I have them all at the bottom - "form" at top, "flexprofile" at the bottom.  All themes off... and totally befuddled.

    I do not have "files" installed as I do not need this.

  • Ah... I sorted it out.  I only had the $_annotations in the list template... didn't realise the same expression provided the comments box in the full view. 

    Any idea why I get "plugins : "media"," inserted into my top template field i.e. { plugins : "media", $feature_name}  I remove it, and it appears again.

    Regards, Mark.

  • Sorry that was unclear. I'll look at updating the documentation. So far as I know, my code does not generate any text that looks like the "plugins" text you describe.

    Can you give me more details?

  • Alas, not much more info.  When I remove it and save, the field displays absolutely as it should... if however, when I am editing the templates and forget to remove it, the field display is { plugins : "media", $feature_name} instead.  Not a big problem in an otherwise stupendous plugin set.... oh, I had a thought... I did change something in the model.php to get the thumb size photos, but that is all.

Form and related plugins

Form and related plugins

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