hi im working on adding recaptcha, i have part of the code in the form file but i need to place the other part in the process file, not sure what your using as the process file, or if there is an actual process file in the root dir i did not one from the core files.   Are you using the start php to process the form?     can someone please advise what file is the process file for reg forms thanks..

  • I would try searching other possible reasons for the white screen.  I have a few others testing the plugin out.  When I hear back from them I will know more.  As of now, I cannot recreate the white screen of death errors.

    There maybe problems with your PHP setup. Try increasing your memory_limit parameter from the standard 8MB to something like 64MB and see how that improves.  Also you will need an internet connection and proper domain keys for reCAPTCHA to work as it verifys against the recaptcha servers.  Using localhost as a domain name for your key is not good test.


  • Ok that reCAPTCHA installs fine and works on Elgg 1.7... ONLY ONE ISSUE... The Text never matches or there is an Error saying the Text did not Match. I have tried this many many times but with typing the Correct Code it still shows an Error that the Text does not Match.

    So this is the ONLY thing that is stopping ANYONE from using this now. I am having a bad time with Spam Accounts and would HATE to have to Get rid of ELGG and be FORCED to go back to StatusNet or another Open Source Social Network Platform.

    The current Captcha that Elgg has already the Plugin with 1.7 is not DOING ANYTHING and I am not 100% if even getting the reCAPTCHA to work 100% if the SPAM Accounts will also get around this. Is there NO WAY TO STOP THESE PUNKS ONLINE from Creating 1,000's of SPAM AUTO Generated Accounts??

    There has to be a  WAY right??? I am almost thinking about Making the SITE an OPENID Sign UP ONLY type of site or Google Friend Connect ONLY sign up. I cant even get the Twitter or Facebook Login or Sign IN things to work either or I would just use those.

    Is there a way to make the site with ONLY the Options of Registering with OPENID and Google Friend Connect. If I could get Twitter or Facebook Sign In Things to work I would have those as an option also. Can anyone please help me this has been going on too long.