hi im working on adding recaptcha, i have part of the code in the form file but i need to place the other part in the process file, not sure what your using as the process file, or if there is an actual process file in the root dir i did not one from the core files.   Are you using the start php to process the form?     can someone please advise what file is the process file for reg forms thanks..

  • ok so far i have tracked down the core reg php and i see the process reg routine that is called from the coppa reg, i keep getting a 500 error but ill figure it out soon im sure,  what im trying to do is to post this in the /elgg/actions/reg php  

    // add recaptcha code
    $privatekey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkeyremoved";
    $resp = recaptcha_check_answer ($privatekey,

    if (!$resp->is_valid) {
      die ("The reCAPTCHA wasn't entered correctly. Go back and try it again." .
           "(reCAPTCHA said: " . $resp->error . ")");

    // finish recapture code

    ill keep worken at it..

  • i guess i will wait on this one, i was just doing some reading of the docs and i guess as of 1.7 all actions will require a token anyway so this recaptcha wont work the way im doing it.. oh well it was worth a shot.  

  • great stuff - recaptcha would be a lovely addition to have to keep spammers at bay.

  • however a thought just hit me rather than put the recapture code in the core reg php to process, why not add a process file in this same dir where the coppa is and then there would be no need for a token, it would be as though the captcha would be a filter before the reg process ever started, im noodling over this, im asking myself, why sepperate the process when you dont need to, handle the whole captcha process right here in the coppa...  and im thinking what if i added an include statement to the copa for like a process php file that just had the captcha process in it...

    mmmmmm im thinking... ill get back to you... anyone have any thoughts

  • well i got derailed on my idea for afew, i actually  had it working with my include but it poped up twice because of the two forms so ill have to fix that,  i need to start from scratch because i found this and i got derailed lol


    had to do that in two lines so it would not wrap the page in this text box.

    in case you cant read the link here is what it says, and IT DOES NOT WORK..

    Does not work!! Even though I would consider this is a hack it
    still works. (for him maybe lol ) There is a Register button that becomes inactive with
    this hack and I need to remove it.

    The Elgg Captcha plugin contains 2 files

    Download the reCAPTCHA PHP files from reCAPTCHA's site.
    Open the example-captcha.php
    Insert you private and public keys.
    Modify the location of the recaptchalib.php to: (You may need to use
    the full path for this)

    Save the file as captcha.php

    Replace the captcha.php files located:

    Upload the recaptchalib to the /mod/captcha folder.

    and fyi i tried and IT DOES NOT WORK...  bummer

  • yeah I tried it as well and I couldn't get it to work. Let me know if you have any success with recaptcha been trying to get it to work on my site as well.

  • I currently use it on my site.  It works for me just fine.  Perhaps my instructions weren't that clear and need to be rewritten.  Again with Elgg 1.7 coming out soon, this may be entirely the wrong way to go about this.

    If needed I can publish a module w/ instructions you can test with.

    Just in case: I created a SourceForge site for it.  I uploaded the current module I am using.  Feel free to join with your input.

  • thanks for the update on that, ill give it another shot, i see that you improved your readme file also, most excellent, i use coppa so ill have to give it a shot and see what happens, thanks a bunch for you work and your update, peace

  • A little update on this module.  I added a Settings option so API keys can be added through the Tools Admin.  I have confirmed this mod does not work with Elgg 1.7.

    I have not posted it in the Plugins section yet.  I would like a few more testers.  I have been testing on a clean install and 2 modded sites without problems.  Eagerly waiting to hear your feedback.  Thanks

  • just wanted to clarify that if im using coppa, when im done installing then i just copy the new register php to  /mod/coppa/views/default/account/forms/      and overwrite the register php there and that will in fact work if your instructions are correct.