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Hello, my name is Bernardo Castro, I speak of Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

See if someone can give me a help. I am developing a plugin ellg which is as follows:

Registered users on the site create various fields such as stock products, shoes clothes etc.. If a particular User is interested in a product of another User it makes a proposal of exchange between them.
For example: user_one made an offer of exchange between their scholarship and sapado of user_two. So far so good the plugin is working, now stopped in the following process.

How do I get use_two have the option to cancel this proposal? The owner of the entity created from the proposal and user_one.

There ELGG in a way to select certain fields of the entity object created?

$proposta = new ElggObject;
$proposta->confirm_owner = 1, / / user_one confirm
$proposta->confirm_amigo = 0, / / user_two not confirm
/ / Input user_two cancel this
$proposta->confirm_amigo = 2 / / user_two cancel


thank now!

  • Bernado,

    I simply cannot send a corrospondence to to someone who uses such a sad and pathetic looking "fake" icon like you so. The people here are serious web developers and your profile icon is just really idiotic to look at. Change to something, anything that shows some self respect and you will most likely get people to take you seriously.


  • Steady Billy, it might not be fake! This might be the result of too much web developing, so be careful!

  • TahoeBilly, I understand your position my luck is that I do not understand very well English! I will provide a new photo.

    Someone else can help me here?

  • problem solved, nothing better to cool off!

    A simple logic solved my case. I'm surprised the Elgg.

    How resolved?

    if($proposta->confirm_amigo == 0){ // view link cancel or confirm}

    you receive calcelar  // $proposta->confirm_amigo = 1

    you receive confirm  // $proposta->confirm_amigo =2