CKEditor interferes with ordered list presentation

When I use the CKEDitor ordered and unordered lists have no number or dots anymore when looking at a page outside the editor. They are there within the editor.

Using a tinymc editor, the page shows properly with dots or numbers.

Where do I have to look for the cause of this behavious?

  • CKEditor is not a Curverider-supported plugin, so I'm afraid that you are on your own. In any case, the issue has nothing to do with Elgg. Perhaps you should post this kind of question to the Elgg development Google group instead?

    You probably need to add CSS to support the HTML generated by this editor.

  • @Kevin

    As if I where not aware, that most plugins are not Curverider supported.

    Fact is, that the code generated by CKEditor is correct (can be verified as soon as the CKEditor plugin is deactivated and tinymce is activated.) I am well aware, that this is a CSS Problem.

    I need help to understand how in elgg the CKEditor plugin can have an influence to the page display (what concerns the CSS).

  • Why dont you wait for the deveoper of the plugin the release an updated version of the plugin, or contact spring hostings directly???  there is an updated version on the way I believe




  • try to search




    proprietis in css

  • Elgg uses a CSS reset at the top of the default theme but never defines the list-style for ol or ul properly. This shouldn't have anything to do with the CKEditor plugin.