Questions about Elgg's future

I've been working on a project using Elgg for the last 8 months.

1. I'd like to know if the team ever considered replacing the core Database library with an open source ORM such as Doctrine which already implements Memcache and a slew of other useful features (such as event listeners).

2. I'm also curious to know if a tool like php_debug was ever considered? It creates a visual tool bar with debugging information right in your page.

3. Are there any plans to generate a static version of the CSS and Javascript rather than using simplecache? Or plans for database caching rather than file caching?

4. Will there be a type of routing system in the future? In order to eliminate the use of keywords like pg, tag, action and export in the URLS?

5. Will Elgg continue to forward() (to home page) rather than display a 404 page (or appropriate error) in the future?

Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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