user messageboard posts with other user's usernames


I'm running elgg 1.5 on hostgator. I tested this with 2 different installations and the bug is there.


When I go to some user's profile and post something on their profile messageboard it appears as if it's posted by the profile owner's username! e.g John goes to Alice and posts on her messageboard and the message appears as if Alice posted on her own messageboard. Even on the riverdashboard it says Alice posted on her own messageboard.

That's some serious bug - it's very annoying for the users. 

Does anyone have a workaround?

  • I can't duplicate this problem.

    rkae, I just posted on your message board on this site. My name appears on your message board and in the activity log.

    Are you sure that you are running the message board distributed with Elgg 1.5 and not an earlier version?

  • Yes I'm pretty sure. I'll provide username for my testing site soon.

  • rkae,

    I'm not doubting that you are seeing this behaviour on your own site. My point is that this does not seem to be a message board bug but must have some other cause, especially if you are running the current message board code.

    Perhaps you could turn off some of your other plugins to see if one of these is causing the problem?

  • I have seen 4 reports of this kind of thing and have first hand seen it happen on someone else's install once. The reports only started appearing in the last month and have not been version dependent (both 1.2 and 1.5). This leads me to believe that there is a plugin causing this.

    I have not been able to reproduce this on any of my clean installs.

  • @rkae - are you running php as CGI?

  • code looks too straight-forward to be coding issue, maybe.. not even plugin conflict.:=

        // Get input
            $message_content = get_input('message_content'); // the actual message
            $page_owner = get_input("pageOwner"); // the message board owner
            $message_owner = get_input("guid"); // the user posting the message
    needs closer study


  • Hello everyone.

    I don't think it 's a plugin issue since my fresh installs have the same problem without any other plugins but messageboard and profile enabled.

    It seems that it has to do something with the environment I'm running elgg on.

    I moved my site from to another hosting provider on a dedicated server. The problem dissapeared without any tweaking.

    I'm on the run so I'll try to post info about my hostgator account a little bit later.

  • I've verified with another person experiencing the same problem that it is not a plugin issue. He was running php as CGI.

    @rkae, if you could either post the details or a link to a phpinfo page on your server, that would be useful.


    Link to my phpinfo.

    If you need more information please feel free to ask, I'm far from being expert, and I just need to know what is needed for helping debug the problem.