Install Problem...PLEASE HELP!!!

So I install elgg and followed the steps to create both .htaccess and settings.php. I then arrived at the system settings page. I received the same 404 error that many people have gotten. I know this because I have spent four hours scouring the net loking for a solution. In any case, I have elgg in a sub directory of apache (/var/www/elgg) and I did edit the .htaccess to enable the rewrite base rule. Still got the problem. od_rewrite is enabled. I checked the phpinfo to make sure it was installed. The database was created successfully. I did change the action to actions but have changed it back. I am at a complete loss. my httpd.conf file is empty and I read that this is due to it being too long and split for simplicity. Whatever. (One question, do I need symbolic links in my apache.conf folder for the elgg or is that only if it runs off of a different ip than the main site?) In any case, i have tried everything except throwing the kitchen sink at it, and I really don't wanna do that. So any ideas, other than the ones that are available to everyone. Not sure if this would help, but for some reason, when I changed the .htaccess file to something completely different to test mod_rewrite, it still loaded system settings. Not sure if this has bearing, just thought I should mention it.


Thanks in advance to any and all help.